Feature: Social Breath Counting

This feature contains social breath counting exercises that have been tried and proven in small (2-3) and large (6-8) groups. If in a larger group, be sure to increase the count cap to a larger number, keep it less than 15 to help avoid the numbers popping out of people's short-term memory (this can be waived depending on the group, practice will give you the context you need to understand this the best).


Given no assumption about meditation background for any participant
And an open mind
And a willingness to learn

Scenario: 10 Minute Social Breath Counting (participant)

As a participant
In order to be mindful of the body's breath
Given I maintain a counter of breaths
And I take a nice, peaceful breath in at my own pace
When I exhale, at the end of the exhale
Then I increment the counter and speak the newly updated value
But if someone else speaks at the same time
Then I continue as if nothing happened
But I don't increment the counter
Then if the counter hits ten, the next number is one
Then repeat until the organizer ends the session

Scenario: 10 Minute Social Breath Counting (organizer)

As an organizer
In order to help facilitate the participant's breath counting
Given I set a timer for ten minutes somehow
And I start it when everyone is ready
And I start the process of counting breaths
When something interferes and people get out of flow
Then I will help guide the group back into mindfulness
When the timer goes off
Then I will silence it ASAP
Then I will help lead the group to the next count of 10
Then I will end the session
Then I will talk with the participants about their meditative path
But I will not judge their stories