Paracosm Immersion

A paracosm (also known as a mental wonderland) is a kind of thoughtspace that you can create, control and immerse yourself into. It is a lot less hard to create and immerse yourself into than people expect, almost deceptively so.

The method explained in this document is roughly based on literal philosophical metaphysical analysis, or in simpler terms: to answer the following two questions with as much detail and as generally as possible.

  1. What is there?
  2. What is it like?

The method used here is a combination of a sensory grounding technique and something I found to help mitigate feelings of aphasia. The parts of this technique can be thusly taken out of the context of this exercise and used to either help you ground yourself or for helping you feel like you can visualize and experience things better.

It's really not hard unless you make it hard. Make it easy and it will be trivial. I have been noting my progress here:

If you want to read more on the topic, look here: This subreddit may also be useful:

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it


Given you have a mental world in mind
Or an image of what you would like to experience
Or even just a simple idea
And are willing to let the sensations of that world overwhelm you
And have some time to yourself
And you have some writing device

Feel free to punt on the last part if it's distracting

Scenario: Picking Somewhere in the Space

As a visitor of that world
In order to get an idea of where you want to go
When you pick a place
Then keep it in mind as you go forward

Scenario: Grounding

As a visitor of that world in the location you picked
In order to help ground yourself into that world
When you take in the sensations that would make sense for it
Then you note five things you can see
Then you note four things you can hear
Then you note three things you can touch
Then you note two things you can smell
Then you note one thing you can taste
Then you note additional sensory reactions to things as they come into your focus

Scenario: feature analysis for random things you noted

As a visitor of that world in the location you picked
In order to get more detail in mind about some random thing you noted
When you focus on that thing in particular
Then you note what group or category that thing is in
Then you note what common uses exist for that thing
Then you note what inherent actions are common for that thing
Then you note what properties that thing has
Then you note what the most common location for that thing is
Then you note any other associations that come up when thinking about that thing
Then you repeat this a few times as makes sense

Scenario: daily practice

As someone who wants to immerse in a mental world
In order to help train this skill
When you are planning your day
Then add some time for this practice
Then (if it helps) set a timer to help limit your sessions
Then pick a place you want to immerse yourself into
Then ground yourself in that place
Then describe a few things using feature analysis
Then (if it helps) put your notes into a blog or diary of some kind

I personally find it helps to do this in the morning, and for up to 30 minutes maximum. Going through my normal routine usually gets me to 30 mintues.