Feature: Tapering Meditation Length Upwards Gracefully

As someone is beginning in a meditative path, it can feel difficult at first to meditate for long periods of time at once. This feature offers a method of tapering meditation lengths upwards so that you may build up to whatever your target is gradually.

The overall guiding principle here is to gracefully taper up. Initially it is going to feel like you failed. If you get distracted every 30 seconds during a 30 minute meditation and refocused your attention back to the meditation every time, you were mindful of your meditation session 60 times in half an hour. The overall goal of this entire practice is not to perfectly meditate every single time, that is impossible. The goal is to improve your skills over time. Being mindful of your meditation session is one of the easiest ways to consistently improve your skills.


Given no assumption about meditative background
And somewhere to record progress notes

This "somewhere to record progress notes" should be simpler than you are probably thinking. Think paper. Think Notepad. Think simple. You don't want this to be a chore, or you will simply just not do it. Use whatever you're more comfortable with.

Again, cut this out if it doesn't work out for you.

Scenario Outline: Tapering up From 5 Minutes to 30 Minutes over Two Weeks

As a meditator
In order to get better at meditation in 14 days
When it is day $day
Then my meditative goal for the day will be $goal minutes of meditation
Then I make sure to record things I learn in my progress notes


day goal
1 5
2 7
3 9
4 11
5 13
6 15
7 17
8 20
9 22
10 24
11 26
12 28
13 29
14 30